Fire Emblem DLC a Huge Success in Japan

It looks like Nintendo’s first real push into paid DLC has worked out for them, and cursed us all to not having one major developer left not pushing DLC.

The info released today states that the country wide connection rate for the 3DS is 75%, with the total DLC purchases so far adding up to 1.2 million, at about 380 million yen. In US dollar amounts that’s about 4.9 million dollars. If that money came to them in boxed copy sales it would be ~100 thousand more copies sold. A clear success for this somewhat niche series, which can be very good news for the long term health of Fire Emblem.

Hopefully Nintendo can maintain their promises of not letting the DLC take away from the full game, DLC being developed after, etc. though every other company on the face of the earth has failed in this regard.

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