Animal Crossing Turns Over a New Leaf

Probably a lot of them actually, also you’re the mayor. This video has one of Bill Trinen’s people explaining what’s new in New Leaf.

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3DS eShop Games for the Rest of the Year Trailer

Cool sizzle reel for the next batch of weeks for the 3DS eShop and Virtual Console games. Enjoy the jaunty music.

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Paper Mario Sticker Star Gameplay Details

This Nintendo rep goes into detail about what’s new in Paper Mario Sticker Star including the combat, how stickers are used etc.

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Japan Nintendo Direct Recap

Nintendo of Japan just had a big Nintendo Direct event check out all the info in our writeup here at Nintendomination. Thanks.

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New 3DS Bundles Announced for Japan – Monster Hunter 3G, Mario, and Animal Crossing

Nintendo just unleashed another Mini Nintendo Direct for Japan, showcasing some really nice new 3DS bundles.

The first is for the Japan mega sensation Monster Hunter, specifically Monster Hunter 3G bundled with a black 3DS. When I say bundled of course what I really mean is pre-installed on the system.

Monster Hunter 3DS Bundle

The second and more interesting bundle is the Animal Crossing 3DS bundle. Once again the game is installed on the included 3DS LL, but this time it’s an awesome custom Animal Crossing 3DS LL.

Animal Crossing 3DS Bundle

Animal Crossing 3DS LL

And finally, saving the best for last, is the New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS bundle. This includes the installed game, and this gorgeous red 3DS LL.

New Super Mario Bros 2 3DS Bundle

New Super Mario Bros 2 3DS LL

Hopefully there’s a chance of this making its way stateside sometime.

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